Use this website for OCID irrigation water listings (listings for both water wanted and water available). The listing price or “asking price” may or may not reflect actual going market value. OCID makes no comment nor does it offer any endorsement of the actual value of any water listed on this website.

If creating a listing…

  • Review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • Do not include private contact information. That keeps that information from being accessible to the general public.
  • Only provide your contact information when replying to a listing.

If responding to a listing…

  • Review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • Send a message to the listing party using the “Reply to Listing” pop up located in the lower left hand corner of the listing notice. Providing your contact information here insures allows only the listing party to know your contact information.

Learn of interest in your listing…

  • Check your “Messages” by logging on to the OCID Water Share website to access the drop down menu appearing when you click on your username tab. That tab is located in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Reaching an agreement for OCID Acres…

  • Do not contact OCID to initiate discussion, negotiate terms nor prepare a water lease agreement. IF an agreement is reached, the parties must complete and submit the Notice of Assignment form by downloading the PDF version. Note that the PDF version allows you to electronically sign the file. Each party must sign the Notice of Assignment.

Submitting to OCID the Notice of Assignment…

  • Follow the submittal directions on the form. Allow OCID at least two business days to process the assignment. NOTE: The complete form MUST state the specific number of OCID acres being assigned and MUST include the signatures of both the buyer and seller. Any forms submitted stating “ALL” OCID acres or which are without the signatures of both parties will be rejected and delay your requested water assignment.

Once your transaction is completed, please return to this website to delete your listing. Unless you advise OCID otherwise, at the time that OCID receives your completed Notice of Assignment form, OCID will consider your listing no longer active and delete it from the website listings.

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