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To use this service you must first create an account which will then be reviewed by OCID to ensure you are qualified to use this website. Click on the entry below that is highlighted in blue: “Create An Account” You will then see a pop up box labelled Sign In”which at the bottom includes in blue highlight the word “Register.” Click on “Register.” The next pop up box requires specific information from you. After providing that information, click on the yellow highlighted box labelled “Register.” Within minutes of your submission, you will receive an email from OCID acknowledging receipt of your request and advising you that in a few days you will receive an email confirming your registration or seeking additional information. Once your confirmation is received you can thereafter Sign or Log into your account and respond to or create your own water listing.

If you have already been approved by OCID to access the website, click on the entry below highlighted in blue “Sign or Log In.”

We have essentially a two step process:

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